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🎉 What is Funny Duck?

Funny Duck is an application and a platform, which can make mobile phone voice assistants more powerful! Through Funny Duck, your mobile phone voice assistant can be used to control computers, smart homes, and DIY IoT devices.

Just want to try it out? Skip to the Quickstart. It is recommended to use it after reading it


You only need to give instructions to the voice assistant, and Funny Duck will take over the execution, such as:

Hey, Siri! Open League of Legends - Your computer will open the League of Legends client.

Hey, Siri! Open Chrome - Your computer will open the Chrome browser


Through the PC side we provide, you can customize any shell or cmd command. At the same time, Funny Duck also provides a screen recording and playback function, so that you can achieve almost all actions.

Funny Duck has also opened its API, so you can freely access your own devices. Using voice assistants to control servers, Raspberry Pis, and microcontrollers is also a good choice.

Watch usage video